88 pages, 77 vivid full color images, hard cover with dust jacket

Historical background information 
for each of the paintings

Text by Gordon McClelland
Internationally recognized author of many
other art books, including:
"Millard Sheets - The Early Years",
"California Style Watercolor", 
"Milford Zornes",
"Fruit Box labels: A Collector's Guide"

Hand-Signed by the artist
on an inside page
While the purpose of this site has always been that of a showcase portfolio, a new phase has arrived.
Having taken the step into an online store, I am happy to announce the availability of,  for the
first time ever, direct-from-the-artist, hand signed copies of 
"The Kerne Erickson Art Book".  Originally produced in conjunction 
with the one-man-show of Retro Travel Art at
George Stern Fine Arts, it provides an overview of this
collection along with other earlier works.
Sample pages showing vintage style paintings of: San Francisco,
Napa, Santa Ynez, Pacific Coast, Santa Monica, Catalina, Glendale, New York
Direct-From-the-Artist Online Store

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All images on this page are original works of art created by Kerne Erickson and are protected by US Federal Copyright Law.  Reproduction without permission is not allowed.
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