All images on this page are original works of art created by Kerne Erickson and are protected by US Federal Copyright Law.  Reproduction without permission is not allowed.

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Paint on canvas, layer upon layer, with primitive tools in a modern age, artist Kerne Erickson combines the past and present as he ponders the future.

The work of Kerne Erickson is unique. He has developed a distinctive style that is immediately recognizable, but difficult to relegate to any typical stylistic category. A master of Retro Realism is a phrase that comes close to being appropriate, but he has wide influences.  The works of Chuck Close, Wayne Thiebaud and Roy Lichtenstein are as much an influence as the landscapes of Maurice Logan, Emil Kosa and William Wendt.  To him, orange crate label art has a place alongside the works of the old masters. A fascination with the nuanced penumbral area between light and shadow, and the resulting glow, is a constant in his work.  Fundamentally, he is concerned with traditional realism and is responding to scenes that have become vivid to him, whether by observation or through construction within his imagination.  At the same time he is equally intrigued by letterforms and graphic design, which he often integrates into his paintings. He does not just paint how things look. A viewer can sense that he also knows how things work; how they were designed and constructed.