All images on this page are original works of art created by Kerne Erickson and are protected by US Federal Copyright Law.  Reproduction without permission is not allowed.

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It has become common in our time to make a great distinction between fine art and commercial 
art, although it has not always been the case.  The old masters that we all revere were often working on commissions. 

Personally, I enjoy doing commissions.  It is like playing chess, but adding a third dimension to the chess board.  I have to get inside the clients head to understand their interest, intent, and goals, while at the same time, maintaining the normal integrity of my own artistic involvement in the development of an image.  I provide an image that will become a box, an ad, or a product that may be distributed around the world in the marketplace, but I still end up with an original painting that can be framed and sold as a work of art.  The fact that the image has been distributed widely in the marketplace actually can increase its value.

Over the years I have had opportunity to work with many different clients in divergent fields. Here are a few of the recent commercial applications of my commissioned art that also incorporate design and lettering skills.