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Visit Cuba and Florida Series

Cuba and Florida, long intertwined in various strands of history for centuries, have, since the 1960's been severed by the seemingly endless differences of the two country's national policy and ideology. The oddity of a world that finds extreme increases in US openness to Russia and China, but still virtually closed off to this little island a few miles south, provides a vantage point to view this series of paintings.  Regardless of the details that have lead to this current state of affairs, many have a curiosity for the forbidden.  We long to cross this national border in both directions as in times past.  A time when travel between Cuba and Florida was frequent and easy....will it ever return?

What can be learned by looking at the realities of this situation?  I have no answers, but present, as a counterpoint to the present, these scenes viewed in the form of art done for travel posters.  Many
people think I was a popular artist in the 1930's and 40's who is long since deceased, but in fact, as of 2012, I am still very much alive and painting most every day. These images were inspired and developed from research of old post cards, magazine advertisements, and other ephemeral items of the time period.

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Current information of note:
US State Department  Policy and Info Regarding Cuba:
The Cuban government routinely employs repressive methods against internal dissent and monitors and responds to perceived threats to its authority. These methods include intense physical and electronic surveillance, and in some cases may involve detention and interrogation of both Cuban citizens and foreign visitors. Travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens and permanent residents is restricted by U.S. law and regulations......

Indications of change:
For decades, few U.S. citizens have been able to experience Cuba travel. But now, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has granted Tauck a license to provide People-to-People educational exchange travel to Cuba through 2012. Meet face-to-face with local residents from different professions, share thoughts, gain knowledge, and connect with Cuba’s cultural heritage through Cuba: Connecting with People and Culture. Around key themes of Cuban culture and the arts, education, entrepreneurism, agriculture and the spiritual side of Cuba, guests interact directly with the people of Cuba. Meet Cuban students and teachers… learn about Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba … discuss art and private enterprise at the studios of community artists… visit with farmers to talk about agrarian reform and organic farming… meet with and listen to local Cuban musicians… interact with members of charitable organizations about their work… learn about Afro-Cuban religious traditions… have dinner at a paladar (a small, privately operated Cuban restaurant)… and connect with Cuba and Cubans on Tauck's cultural exchange.