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Commissions are often challenging, but always rewarding projects.  They involve getting to know the client, understanding the subject matter, hearing stated goals, detecting unspoken intent, and translating ideas and information into imagery and a painting style that all involved resonate with.

This painting of Catalina Island Vineyards is a recent commission example.  After several decades of preparation, the new vineyard was ready to produce it's first harvest and vintners Geoffrey and Alison Rusack wanted a painting to commemorate the arrival of wine from this special island jewel.  Being on pristine land surrounded by the vast Pacific and bathed in cool clean ocean breeze,  the terroir of this little plot on the former Wrigley ranch is truly unique. The scene in the painting is unique in that it is a combination of various views from different vantage points pulled together into this one believable iconic painting. The small adobe in the distance is the original Wrigley home and the historic El Rancho Escondido ranch buildings bring to mind exotic trained Arabian horses and the grand V.I.P. adventure retreats of years gone by.  Seen approaching in the sky is a glimpse from the past, the Wrigley DC-3 approaching to land at the Airport-in-the-Sky. Currently, harvested grapes are flown to the Rusack Vineyards winery in Ballard Canyon near Solvang, but as plans unfold, the view in this painting will become increasingly familiar to those making, tasting and buying fine wine.

Original painting: 48 x 44, acrylic on canvas.  
As shown here as an archival giclee print:  cropped to 31 x 24, on paper or canvas

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